The Manhattan Illinois American Legion Post 935 has several used flag collection boxes located around town. This is a place to put your old, tattered, or worn-out flags for proper disposal. Disposal is performed by the Manhattan Boy Scouts as part of their public services.


There has been over 100 flags dropped off on the average every month. The box locations are by James E. Tromp, CPA Office near Berkots Foods, in front of the Carpet and Tile store where Docs Drugs used to be, on the Rt 52 side of the First National Bank of Manhattan and at the
State Street Auto Garage at the South end of town.


Since there are so many flags being dropped off, we were concerned whether these flags were being replaced or if there were some locations that were no longer flying their flag. With that in mind, the Manhattan Legion has new replacement flags that are 3 feet by 5 feet, made in the USA, constructed of double stitched nylon with embroidered stars for $25 each. The flags can be delivered by one of our Legion members who will collect $25 per flag either cash or check.

If interested, give us a call at 779-243-8656 or email us at info@americanlegion935.com