Backlog of Ceremonies has grown since April, 2020

All the National Cemeteries had delayed or modified the traditional Memorial services from April, 2020 up to May, 2021. Our Post had been performing some of these delayed ceremonies starting late June, 2020. Then on Thanksgiving week in 2020 the volunteer Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Memorial Squad members were exposed to the Covid virus and were prevented from conducting subsequent ceremonies or rifle volleys until May, 2001. That meant that the Manhattan American Legion and Wilmington VFW Honor Guard squads have been performing burial ceremonies at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery on weekdays and Saturday and also all National Holidays to honor our fallen veteran brothers and sisters until the National Cemetery Memorial Squad returned for ceremonies on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Manhattan American Legion still performes all Saturdays as scheduled, as well as all National Holidays. Private cemetery ceremonies are also conducted by request.. The Wilmington VFW performes the ceremonies at ALNC on Wednesdays.

Effective January 1st 2022, the National Cemetery Memorial Squad was again prohibited from performing ceremonies due to numerous Covid exposures and subsequent quarantines. Resumption of National Cemetery Memorial Squad normal activities resumed on March 21, 2022. These delays resulted in a backlog of scheduled ceremonies which is continuing presently.

Because of changes from Medium to High infection rates for Will County, the wearing of protective face mask indoors is either mandated or relaxed on a weekly basis.

Due to this changing schedule and the ongoing backlog, we are accepting additional volunteer Honor Guard members and participants. Contact John Kestel at 815-791-4478 for information.


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